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Gift Certificates Make Great Holiday Gifts

It’s that time of year.  At my day job at the clinic lab I often try to put patients at ease before I draw their blood with a little small talk.  Right now that sounds like “Looking forward to the holidays?  Are you ready?”  Unfortunately, for many the answer is yes and NO!

I think we do this to ourselves sometimes – I know for myself Christmas can get very hectic because I have over-complicated it.  But here at The Muse we are here to help!  How about instead of wracking your brain trying to come up with a thing to buy someone for Christmas, you  purchase an experience instead?  Maybe people have too many things to begin with and that’s why you are struggling to think of something to get.  An experience such as a stay at the beautiful bed and breakfast in a hip and trendy neighborhood with all sorts of other experiences awaiting the guest just outside our door could be gifted for use any time during 2020 – think wedding night, birthdays, anniversaries, staycations, girlfriend weekends, mother-in-laws NOT staying at your house…

If you are interested in purchasing a gift certificate for family or friends just give us a call at 414-745-7735 and we will  help you out.  There is still time for this holiday season and we’d love to help ease your holiday shopping burden.  Or here is another thought – buy one for yourself for post-holiday recovery!

Happy Holidays, All.  We look forward to meeting, greeting and hosting your next stay at The Muse Gallery Guesthouse!

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