In 2011 Andrew and I were living on the Isle of Man and debating in which country – the UK or the USA – we would make our permanent home together. You see, we had been pen pals since we were a little 12 ½-year-old English schoolboy and a wistful 11-year-old girl living a provincial life on the south side of Milwaukee. Eventually (and this is a story we will happily share some morning at breakfast) in our 50s, we became a couple committed to living together in one country or the other. We decided on the United States and thought opening a bed and breakfast would be a great way for us to make a living together. We selected this particular property in Milwaukee just one mile from Lake Michigan to start that venture when we were still living across. We could see even just from realtor pictures and the emerging Bay View neighborhood where it was located that we could make it into something very special.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” –Pablo Picasso

One thing we knew for sure was that when we were finished turning the property into the only Bed and Breakfast in Bay View, it would not be “Your Mama’s B&B!” No doilies or great grandma’s wedding dress in the hallway would be allowed! Our renovation of The Muse Gallery Guesthouse focused on maintaining the craftsmanship and beauty of 19th Century architecture with high ceilings, beautiful woodwork, bay windows, and an antique fireplace, while adding modern and artful elements. The spacious and light lodging accommodations became tastefully appointed with an eclectic mix of re-purposed items, restored furniture, contemporary decor, and occasional vintage pieces. All of this provided the backdrop for an exquisite, rotating art collection.