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Painting of a personw ith black haor looking over a table with whole and cut lemons on it.

Art at The Muse Gallery Guesthouse

The Muse Gallery Guesthouse in Milwaukee, WI is filled with a rotating exhibition of a wide variety of art, guaranteed to enhance your visit, feed your spirit and inspire your own creativity. All exhibited art is available for purchase. We are committed to helping support Wisconsin’s vibrant artists. We proudly participate in Bay View Gallery Night.

Current Exhibition

Now on view throughout The Muse Gallery Guesthouse, our current exhibition features art by Renee Bebeau, Sara Risley, Carol Rode-Curley, Tracy Thomas, Stacey Williams-Ng, Anita Burgermeister, Amy Schmutte, Sharon Mergener, Meenakshi Sundaresan and Rhonda Radloff.

The exhibition runs from May 5, 2019 to September 27, 2019

Upcoming Events

Bay View Gallery Night
September 27, 2019 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

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Painting of a stylized garden

Karen Williams-Brusubardis

Karen Williams-Brusubardis

The Intersection of Memory and Imagination

Growing up in rural western Wisconsin, I spent most of my childhood exploring the
woods of my parents' 20+ acres of land. I was an introverted, quiet and sensitive
child with a love of exploring both the world around me and the world inside my
mind. After high school, I moved to Milwaukee to attend The Milwaukee Institute
of Art & Design where I received a BFA in painting 4 years later. Over the years,
I've refined my aesthetic style of painting whimsical, yet meditative landscapes.
Patterned with vibrant color combinations woven together with a paintbrush, a
tapestry of intricate particle formations began to emerge in what I now call, my
Particle Landscape series of acrylic paintings. Today, my paintings and drawings
are reflections of my mind’s journey through those childhood places where the
remembered and the imagined intersect. My imagination influences my memories.
What I choose to take with me from my past is altered over time by what I believe
myself to be and what I want to become.

WB Artist Studio: open by appointment
207 E Buffalo, suite 504
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Grey moody picture of a staircase leading to the sky

Roxane Mayeur

Roxane Mayeur is a mixed media artist working in painting, printmaking and collage. She resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is an active member of the visual arts community. For the past three years she has worked almost exclusively with encaustic and cold wax medium.

Her work focuses on the quiet spaces created by the passage of time. Images elevate the common into sacred, revealing the aesthetics of the broken and imperfect, discarded and devalued, while celebrating the process of reclamation and recovery.

The images are created with encaustic wax as a medium. Intensely process driven, multiple layers of beeswax, tree resin and pigments are fused using a torch or other heat source, producing a translucence and ethereal quality unlike any other medium. She sometimes embeds materials into the wax, such as rust, metal, stone, graphite, collage and original digital photography. Other times, she will apply cold wax medium, bridging encaustic and traditional oil painting.

To see more of her work visit


Photograph of artist Roxane Mayeur in her studio

Original painting by Sharon Mergener

Sharon Mergener

Artist statement:

Ever since I was a kid, I have had a constant need to create, and painting is one of my main outlets. My process has evolved as a mixed media artist, and I oftentimes feel more like a scientist. My art involves different materials, and some among them are other paints, cold wax (beeswax), and encaustics (beeswax + damar resin). The content is environmentally influenced – with nature, music, and travel as key inspirations. My experimental process is a form of meditation for me as I lose myself in the best way. I hope others can lose themselves a bit and connect with my art as a joyful escape.


After years of dreaming of being an artist and DJ, in the mid-’90s, Sharon graduated from UW-Milwaukee with BFA in Painting and Drawing, along with a Master of Arts in Teaching in 2009 from Cardinal Stritch University. Since she was a kid and continued into adulthood, she has been creating art (primarily painting) and participating in various local art shows for the last 25 years. She also has been an educator for over the last 25 years; teaching art classes and workshops at The Milwaukee Art Museum, Walker’s Point Center for the Arts, and at Summerfest, as well as an elementary teacher for 15 years and an adjunct professor for five years, where she taught integrating the fine arts and differentiation in the classroom. She currently teaches math, science, and art online, focusing on meaningful and in-depth cross-curricular connections. In addition, she remains active in the arts community as she is currently an Artist-in-Residence at The Muse Gallery Guesthouse, sits on the Visual Arts Committee for The Jazz Gallery, and curates art for Component Brewing Company. She creates in her studio most days while residing in Milwaukee (Bay View) with her husband and two cats.

Dog drinking from water fountain

Stephanie Bartz

Woman wearing many hats

Stephanie Bartz is a storytelling photographer, engaging her subjects (kids, K9s and grown-ups) by photographing on location and waiting patiently for moments to happen.  Whether it’s photographing on land, in the water or on the back of a moving motorcycle, she infuses her playfulness, wit, spontaneity and love of life into her work.

Specialties include but are not limited to: shooting from moving cars or motorcycles, from water rafts or in a kayak…and also on land.  She is good and patient with shy/sassy kids, K9s and grown-ups.  She is ace at keeping surprise photo shoots hush-hush.

To inquire or contact Stephanie, visit

Photo portrait of artist Renee Bebeau

Renee Luna Bebeau

Artist Statement:
Renee Luna Bebeau is an artist, curator and instructor who is immersed in the arts community in Milwaukee. She enjoys gathering local artists to display and sell their work in the amazing space at The Muse Gallery Guesthouse! She likes to focus on emerging artists with their fresh talent mixed with some of our revisiting artists who have been a staple at The Muse.


She added a gift shop inside The Muse for guests only with all handmade items by local Milwaukee artists’ work.

Renee also curates a Holiday event each year at The Pfister Hotel as well as shows throughout the year at other gallery spaces. She is a painter and henna artist and attends many outdoor events in the summer season and hosts workshops in the winter months at her art studio in The Nut Factory that she shares with her husband, artist Todd Mrozinski. Renee is available for henna parties at The Muse.

For more information or to get in contact with Renee, please use these channels:
@reneelunabebeau on Instagram

Original modern art painting by Sara Risley colors of purple, blue, yellow, green and orange.

Sara Risley Fine Art

Artist Statement:
I paint, and I photograph.  I am inspired and influenced by the abstract expressionists, and it shows in my work. I can rarely get exactly what I am looking for by doing just one media.  I often combine the two by photographing my paintings in full and in detail and layering them in Photoshop.



I add layers of other images of everyday things like cracks in the sidewalk, a rusted gate, a scratched and worn flat truck to vary the texture or to add lines and shape that contradict or enhance the shape and line in the paintings.  The resulting images have the depth and luminosity of photographs and the color, texture and mark-making of painting.

Born and raised in Elgin, Illinois, Sara Risley is a working artist living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She studied photography at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas followed by a 27-year career as a portrait photographer in Chicago, St. Louis, and Milwaukee.  Since retiring, she works full time at her art.  She is greatly influenced by the Abstract Expressionists as is evident in both her abstract photography and her alcohol ink paintings. She has shown in juried shows and galleries in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Florida, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Louisiana, Indiana, and Missouri, and her work is in private collections throughout the US.  She is an avid volunteer at Literacy Services of Wisconsin where she tutors adults working toward their GEDs, and she loves theater, attending over 100 times last year.

Artist Website


Black and white painting of a person with red lips and with their hands over their head

Carol Rode-Curley

Artist statement:
My passion for drawing came from my father. He was an amazing cartoonist, sign painter, artist and comedian. It never occurred to me to do anything else. My work comes from the inside, my dark side, my obvious, my heart…

I don’t know if half the time I’m even present while I work, anyone who knows me can attest to that no matter what I’m doing.  When I’m finished it’s up to you to decide whether it matters or not. To me, it’s done and it’s out. Thank you for visiting the Carol show.

Original art by Stacey Williams Ng

Stacey Williams-Ng

Artist statement:
Stacey Williams-Ng is a painter and illustrator, and a former agency creative director, where she used to lead branding and identity engagements for many top-tier clients. More recently, Stacey gave up the agency life, and for the last ten years she has dedicated her life and passion to public art, and is enjoying her own art career on the side as a muralist and illustrator.


She is the Director of Wallpapered City, an arts agency that helps neighborhoods and communities to install monumental art for placemaking. She is a Board Member of ImagineMKE, the nonprofit in Milwaukee charged with building arts and culture for communal impact. Stacey has won multiple creative awards for her work and continues to use her work to educate, and to help others share their ideas on a large scale.

Stacey Williams-Ng
Founder – wallpapered city

Original art piece by Anita Burgermeister - collage of bridges and waterways in cities.

Anita Burgermeister

Artist Statement:
As Art By Anita I have been doing art professionally for over 20 years. I create paintings, photography, digital & mixed media art, murals and faux finishes. Mixing abstract images and maps with photos to make Fusion Foto Art and Live Event Art are my latest passions. I also do slideshows, websites and graphic design – many of my clients are fellow artists and musicians.


Teaching weekly piano students and occasional art & photography classes help keep my days full. I stay involved in the art community and exhibit in local galleries and shows. Sign up for my monthly A.R.T. (Assorted Random Topics) By Anita blog to stay connected. I am so happy and lucky to be doing what I love – AND I’m married to a Magician. How fun can life get?

A fusion of my photos and original abstract paintings are used to create these vibrant digital images. I blend in various textures and maps to create multiple layers. They are printed on aluminum panels with a UV sealer. Fusion Foto Art can be displayed inside or outside!

Artist Website

Original art piece by Amy Schmutte - couple holding hands in silhouette on red and white feather background.

Amy Schmutte

Art and Love Reflect One Another. Two people in Love… Reflect One-Another. This Passion felt in Love and in Artistic Creation are similar.

In my Abstract Photography of Glass, I’ve always strived for a Transcendence from daily Life, the Awe of Transparency, a Celebration of Light, and an Indulgence in Layers of Complexity. These same ideals cross over into Life and Love. Our passions, as people, are Translated through our own Individual Lenses. Yet, we all desire these same Ideals.



This series is a Celebration of the Commonalities between the creative qualities of Love and Art. I invite the viewer to Experience their own Creative Transcendence, through their Individual Perception-of-Love Lenses. See it Through, with me as your Guide.
-Amy Schmutte


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