The Muse Gallery Guesthouse

Painting of a personw ith black haor looking over a table with whole and cut lemons on it.

Art at The Muse Gallery Guesthouse

The Muse Gallery Guesthouse in Milwaukee, WI is filled with a rotating exhibition of a wide variety of art, guaranteed to enhance your visit, feed your spirit and inspire your own creativity. All exhibited art is available for purchase. We are committed to helping support Wisconsin’s vibrant artists. We proudly participate in Bay View Gallery Night.

Current Exhibition

Now on view throughout The Muse Gallery Guesthouse, our current exhibition features art by Renee Bebeau, Sara Risley, Carol Rode-Curley, Tracy Thomas, Stacey Williams-Ng, Anita Burgermeister, Amy Schmutte, Sharon Mergener, Meenakshi Sundaresan and Rhonda Radloff.

The exhibition runs from May 5, 2019 to September 27, 2019

Upcoming Events

Bay View Gallery Night
September 27, 2019 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

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Photo portrait of artist Renee Bebeau

Renee Luna Bebeau

Artist Statement:
Renee Luna Bebeau is an artist, curator and instructor who is immersed in the arts community in Milwaukee. She enjoys gathering local artists to display and sell their work in the amazing space at The Muse Gallery Guesthouse! She likes to focus on emerging artists with their fresh talent mixed with some of our revisiting artists who have been a staple at The Muse. The artwork is rotated twice a year with a reception to mark the occasion.


She added a gift shop inside The Muse for guests only with all handmade items by local Milwaukee artists’ work.

Renee also curates a Holiday event each year at The Pfister Hotel as well as shows throughout the year at other gallery spaces. She is a painter and henna artist and attends many outdoor events in the summer season and hosts workshops in the winter months at her art studio in The Nut Factory that she shares with her husband, artist Todd Mrozinski. Renee is available for henna parties at The Muse.

For more information or to get in contact with Renee, please use these channels:
@reneelunabebeau on Instagram

Original modern art painting by Sara Risley colors of purple, blue, yellow, green and orange.

Sara Risley Fine Art

Artist Statement:
I paint, and I photograph.  I am inspired and influenced by the abstract expressionists, and it shows in my work. I can rarely get exactly what I am looking for by doing just one media.  I often combine the two by photographing my paintings in full and in detail and layering them in Photoshop.



I add layers of other images of everyday things like cracks in the sidewalk, a rusted gate, a scratched and worn flat truck to vary the texture or to add lines and shape that contradict or enhance the shape and line in the paintings.  The resulting images have the depth and luminosity of photographs and the color, texture and mark-making of painting.

Born and raised in Elgin, Illinois, Sara Risley is a working artist living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She studied photography at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas followed by a 27-year career as a portrait photographer in Chicago, St. Louis, and Milwaukee.  Since retiring, she works full time at her art.  She is greatly influenced by the Abstract Expressionists as is evident in both her abstract photography and her alcohol ink paintings. She has shown in juried shows and galleries in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Florida, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Louisiana, Indiana, and Missouri, and her work is in private collections throughout the US.  She is an avid volunteer at Literacy Services of Wisconsin where she tutors adults working toward their GEDs, and she loves theater, attending over 100 times last year.

Artist Website


Black and white painting of a person with red lips and with their hands over their head

Carol Rode-Curley

Artist statement:
My passion for drawing came from my father. He was an amazing cartoonist, sign painter, artist and comedian. It never occurred to me to do anything else. My work comes from the inside, my dark side, my obvious, my heart…

I don’t know if half the time I’m even present while I work, anyone who knows me can attest to that no matter what I’m doing.  When I’m finished it’s up to you to decide whether it matters or not. To me, it’s done and it’s out. Thank you for visiting the Carol show.

Original painting by Sharon Mergener

Sharon Mergener

Artist statement:
My water series continues to expand into different water forms and perspectives. I love painting water for various reasons – the beauty, movement, and different forms and layers it shows us. In lieu of living on the beach and surfing all day, I often paint my dream surroundings. However, I love to paint fresh water and grew up with Lake Michigan so close, along with visiting various lakes in Wisconsin. Therefore, nothing is off limits when it comes to water! My goal is simple and it is to show the beauty despite the form or location in hopes that it will encourage more of us to love and preserve it.


My process begins with a loose plan or a vision that will come to mind often inspired by a place I have been, want to visit, and from my own photos. I create with all paints and different mediums. The materials used will determine the process and planning. These particular pieces are of acrylic and spray paint. I believe that the process is just as important as the end result, if not more important. Water has a flow that can be both predictable and unpredictable – and can lead to the most brilliant of colors shown through light and layers. The same is with paint. I want to follow the movement and build on the shadows and colors that naturally appear on my canvas. I provoke this movement to become more intentional as it is parallel to that of the actual water. The process is an escape for me full of positive energy, and I hope the end result allows the viewer to feel the same.

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