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Bay View Gallery Night

Bay View Gallery Night – June 2, 2023

A couple of really great guys named Jeff Redmon and Chuck Watson started a very fun event twice a year in the Bay View neighborhood called Bay View Gallery Night.  Businesses can sign up to participate and become an art gallery for the evening if they are not one already.  All the businesses are put on a map and from 5-10 p.m. that night the streets are full of art lovers crawling from place to place to see art and enjoy an evening together at the various locations.  Naturally because we are a bed and breakfast inn that feature art on the walls in every room by local artists we will be on the tour.

So tonight is the night.  And here is the list of artists we have on display:

The Muse Gallery Guesthouse: Summer 2023

Stacy Ollman
Joe Zoltak
Elias Zananiri
Thom Ertl
Catherine Lottes
Julie Anna Freund
Sharon Mergener
Renee Luna Bebeau
Natalie Shumylo
Leah Jurgens
John Kowalczyk
Jamie Allard
Carolyn Wonders
Amy Schmutte

Amy Schmutte


We will also be featuring some artists with things for sale in the parking lot.  Stop by between 6-9 p.m.and check us out!  There will be refreshments while they last.  All are welcome

The Muse Gallery Guesthouse – 602 E Lincoln Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53207 – corner of Lincoln and Winchester.

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