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Chill on the Hill 2019 Lineup – Concert Series in Milwaukee

One of the things I do on the side is life coaching. My favorite demographic to work with are women in midlife who have recently joined the ranks of “empty nesters.” So many women are interested in a little coaching at this time of their lives because they feel stymied when they think about what to do next. After many years of child rearing they have lost the “list” of what they would like to do eventually once the kids are gone, or the “list” has things on it from so long ago that the items don’t have the same appeal any more.
It was precisely at midlife, “empty nester” time that I began to do coaching. I would assign exercises designed to crack open the creativity of the coaches and would work them myself along with the class. I came to discover two passions that were not realized yet in my life – owning a bed and breakfast and becoming a community leader.

An easy way to become involved in my immediate community was to volunteer with the Bay View Neighborhood Association. I started by helping in the BVNA tent on Tuesday nights in the summer at a weekly music event they sponsor called Chill on the Hill. I was so impressed with the group and the things they were trying to accomplish that it wasn’t too long before I became a BVNA board member.

Being on the BVNA board has been one of the most satisfying things I have ever done. I work with a dozen other people who are true movers and shakers, and together we create neighborhood events such as a free weekly summer concert series called Chill on the Hill, a 4-day Halloween extravaganza called Pumpkin Pavilion, and a midwinter family event called Winter Blast. We organize volunteers to clean the portion of Lake Michigan beach that is the eastern edge of our neighborhood, we show outdoor movies, we hold community suppers to bring awareness and support to projects we’d like to see done in our neighborhood and organize a myriad of other things like plant sales, rummage sales and blood drives. Working on these projects makes me feel like so many things in life are possible. I find it very inspirational to be around people who are full of good ideas that will benefit a community and who through sheer will and sacrifice are prepared to actualize them. We work hard but we have a lot of fun doing it and the work we do makes a difference. How satisfying is that?

My favorite project the BVNA does is the Chill on the Hill event. I may be biased, but I truly feel it is one of the best outdoor summer concert series in Milwaukee. Each year thousands of listeners will flock to Bay View every Tuesday evening from 6-9 p.m. to experience amazing concerts by local musicians. The season runs from June 4 through August 27 at the Humboldt Park Chalet and the hill leading away from it just off Howell and Manitoba – a few blocks from The Muse!

Andrew and I will happily share a blanket and some folding chairs if guests happen to be staying on Tuesday nights in the summer and would like to attend Chill. The BVNA has also organized some excellent food options at the park with food trucks from some of Bay View’s best restaurants. There is a beer garden called The Vine which also serves food. And of course, there is lots of beer, beer, beer!

The line-up ranges from rap and blues to gospel and jazz, soloists to full orchestras. Here’s who you can expect to hear playing some outstanding original music this year. Enjoy!

Chill on the Hill 2019 Lineup

  • June 4: Bay View High School Drumline, Bum Alum, Mortgage Freeman, and Telethon
  • June 11: Dale Kellison, Raine Stern and Zach Pietrini Band
  • June 18: York Bishop, Trapper Schoepp and Rose of the West
  • June 25: Daley Debutantes Baton and Drum Corp and Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
  • July 2: Batterman Ensemble, American Legion Band and VoodooHoney Brass Band
  • July 4: Kids from Wisconsin (Special Fourth of July Celebration)
  • July 9: Paul & Margie Heinrich, Cullah & The Comrades and Brown Crew
  • July 16: Cache MKE and Nwa Na Agbe (curated by Cecilio Negrón Jr.)
  • July 23: Milwaukee Rep with West Side Story, Funk Summit Bass Team and Vincent VanGREAT
  • July 30: Bear in The Forest, Caley Conway and Versio Curs
  •  August 6: Repeat the Process, The Lovebugs and Golden Grenades (Kids and Family Night)
  • August 13: Kinsella Academy of Irish Dance, Immortal Girlfriend and NO/NO
  • August 20: K-Stamp, Lovanova and Strangelander
  • August 27: Steve Beguhn, Shonn Hinton and Buffalo Gospel

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